Hi! I’m Josh. I’m a technologist, an organizer, a student of the human experience, and an artist. I believe the crises we face today are symptoms of deeper wounds and disconnection. We can move through these crises intact only by healing these wounds – systemic racism, colonialism, extractive economics; and restoring our connection to land, community and ourselves. I work on this. Sometimes I write.

Current Projects

Catharsis on the Mall – As a core organizer and board member, I help bring this 48 hour vigil to the National Mall. Featuring art, music, workshops, speakers, a temple burn and thousands of participants, Catharsis heals and transforms ourselves, our culture and our communities through radical direct experience. In 2017 we are bringing events and spaces to DC throughout the year and partnering with a broader range of communities as this activated healing space is needed by all more than ever.

SunCatcher Greenhouses – I manage strategy, sales and digital for SunCatcher Greenhouses, my family’s passive solar design and consulting business. My family has been involved in energy efficient building design, particularly in the agricultural space, since the late 1970’s. I’ve been involved on and off in passive solar projects and the business since 2001.

Qntfy – I’m doing software development work with Qntfy building out their available analytics. I’m interested in the intersection of messaging and analysis in the social media space, how language affects our perception of new ideas, and how this can be leveraged when thinking about public awareness of climate science and potential solutions.

Past Work and Education

The Data Guild – I’ve been doing freelance projects with the Data Guild for the past couple of years. We have worked with clients including Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profits across healthcare, energy efficiency, marketing, fraud detection, and other spaces. I specialize in figuring out how to get the data products we build into the hands of real people who will use them – from the user interaction flow to the actual engineering of integrating with client systems. It’s fun, I learn a lot, and it’s different every time.

I worked at Microsoft for 5 years as a program manager in Windows Telemetry. I owned and managed processing pipelines and analytics that helped developers fix bugs and make better decisions throughout Microsoft and in the Windows ecosystem. We collected and analyzed a variety of data on software usage and reliability.

I did my undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, where I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Computer Science Engineering, with a healthy dose of business, economics, political science and writing thrown in as well.


DJ under the alias e.yore

Board of Directors for Catharsis on the Mall, DC regional “artivist” burn

Fire spinning and contact staff with DC fire conclave Revolutionary Motion

Part of on-site build and operation team for the Icarus art car at Burning Man (’14 and ’16)

An organizer and lead fundraiser for Seattle’s POSIWID project, BM 2013

Minor work on other installations (e.g.: Disorient‘s Geodesic Temple)

Publications and Patents

Carroll, Lee: “A Genetic Algorithm for Segmentation and Information Retrieval of SEC Regulatory Filings” [dg.o 2008]
Dredze, Brooks, Carroll et al: “Intelligent Email: Reply and Attachment Prediction” [IUI2008]
United States MS# 334063.01 – “Telemetry File Hash and Conflict Detection”
United States PCT/US2013/059599 (Pending) – “Passive solar greenhouse system and method of use”

Get in touch

Want to connect, collaborate on a project or talk about art, technology, philosophy or social change? Drop me a line. Right now I am usually in Washington, DC, but I do work all over.

Email: josh at joshcarroll dot xyz

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